3 Best Free Alternatives to DimDim video conference – and how to use them

12 Jun

As everybody already knows DimDim video conferences was bought by salesforce and discontinued. For all of you addicted to video conferences and video calls i will share with you the 3 best alternatives to DimDim. Enjoy.

1. Meetingl.com

Meetingl is a pretty new service but it looks promising and is very time-saving as it only took me 1 minute to set up a video conference room and invite my friends to it.

Update: Meetingl is no more.


Time is my most valuable resource, and since time is money i will give this underdog amongst the video conference solutions the first place in my review because it is both time-saving and free to use.


  • free for up to 8 participants
  • no installation required
  • perfectly good for mobile without the need of an app
  • extremely fast to set up and use

How easy is it you ask? Lets take a look.

1. Go to meetingl.com this is what you will see:


2. Choose the “New Room” option and type in a name:

choose room name

3. This is you in a video conference. Time to invite the other participants:

When you click on invite your default email client will pop up and you can send the video conference room link to the other participants.

If you don´t want to use your default email client click the room number displayed in the bottom left corner to copy to meeting room link to your clipboard:

Paste the link and send it to someone:


4. In order to join a set up conference room, one must simply go to the provided link (see above) or just go to meetingl.com click “join a room” and put the number there (only the number).

This is what it looks like after you click an invitation link to a room. Just choose a name and you’re ready to join the conversation!

I have to say this really is the easiest and by far the fastest solution for video conferencing, no sign-up, no software download, just video communication in pure essence! I definatly recommend it for the casual video conference as well as for hardcore users.

Check this video to see meetingl in action:

2. ooVoo.com

ooovoo.com is a powerful video conferencing solution so it belongs definatly on this list.

1. Go to oovoo.com download and install the software for free from the website:

Once you choose your language in the installer you see this, make sure to UNCLIKCK the check box, unless you want to spam your browser with useless commercial bullshit add ons:

After the installation is complete and you launch oovoo you have to register:

2. To set up a video conference go to Actions > Enter my video Chat Room and start adding your contacts


Click on Add to Call and invite your contacts, provide a link or invited someone by phone (haven´t tested this feature yet).

All in all oovoo delivers any features you might need and is perfect for the daily user.

3. Skype Group Video Calls

Obviously Skype is perfectly good for video conferences or group video calls and is most of the time the best choise, if not for its capabilities then for its wide-spread and acceptance. Many people use Skype and if the people you want to video chat with happen to have skype installed you might as well go with skype.

Here is how to set up a skype video group call:

If you are looking for a side by side review of skype vs oovoo watch this youtube video:

At this point you might ask yourself “Why am I still reading this article on video conference software?”

Why indeed, choose one of the many great video call tools still out there and forget about DimDim.



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